Aeronautical Design

Develop your skills and expertise to meet future aerospace challenges
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Course Overview

The increasing demands for airplanes are propelling the aero industry in India towards becoming the third-largest aviation market by 2025. This escalating demands for airplanes are opening numerous employment opportunities for skilled aero designers in this country. IID’s Aero design courses that train students in the fields of aerodynamics, engine design, lightweight structures, and manufacturing.

The aero design course at IID powers your knowledge from design conceptualization to manufacturing. With 70% of training based on case studies, activities and projects, these programs strengthen your knowledge and makes you an expert in aero designing.

Aircraft Design Fundamentals

The fundamentals of aircraft designing equip students with the knowledge and skills to design and develop efficient aircraft that can effectively fly through the earth’s atmosphere. Through this course, students get well-acquainted to the architecture, function, and processes of aero-designing. The course covers topics:

  • Aircraft Design Fundamentals
  • Conceptual Design

Conceptual Design

The first step to designing a new product is Conceptual Designing. Under this stage drawings, illustrations, and models are used to conceptualize the design of the new product. In conceptual designing you learn:

  • Identification of customer needs
  • Defining problem
  • Problem statement
  • Concept generation
  • Screening of concepts
  • Selection of concepts

Who should attend?

The primary beneficiaries of this course are:

  • Students pursuing mechanical engineering, aeronautical engineering and a diploma in mechanical [DME/BE(Mech.)/BE(Aero)]
  • Students pursuing a Master’s degree [M.E. (CAD/CAM)/ M.E. (Aeronautical)]
  • Professionals involved in product design, aeronautical design and aerospace design
Course Materials

All materials for this course are included in the course fee.