Aeronautical Design

Develop your skills and expertise to meet future aerospace challenges
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Aeronautical Design - Course Overview

The increasing demand for airplanes are propelling the aero industry in India towards becoming the third-largest aviation market by 2025. This escalating demand for airplanes are opening numerous employment opportunities for skilled aero designers in this country. IID’s Aeronautical design courses trains the students in the fields of aerodynamics, engine design, lightweight structures, and manufacturing.

The aero design course at IID powers your knowledge from design conceptualization to manufacturing. With 70% of training based on case studies, activities and projects, these programs strengthen your knowledge and makes you an expert in aero designing.

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With the fundamental concept training in aero designing the students acquire a complete knowledge about aircraft architecture functions, and process. The course covers:

  • Fundamentals of Aircraft Design.
  • Conceptual Design
Industrial Design

IID gives you a chance to hone your skills and show your creativity through its industrial design program. The modules covered under this course include:

  • Aero sketching
  • Reverse engineering (software used CATIA-DSE, QSR)
  • 3D printing and prototyping
Engineering Design

Students learn product development fundamentals, such as modelling 3D models, analysis of structural aspects of the product, analysis of product behavior, and much more.

  • Aircraft structure design (software used CATIA)
  • Structural Analysis (software used ANSYS)
  • System integration
  • Mechanism Design (CATIA DMU)
  • Computational Fluid Analysis (CFD) (software used ANSYS FLUENT)

IID’s course in Aero manufacturing equips you with the knowledge and expertise of tool design, mold design, jigs and fixture, and other machining processes. The course provides specialized training in:

  • Manufacturing Fundamentals
  • Machining (software used Mastercam)
Who should take this course?

The primary beneficiaries of this course are:

  • Students pursuing mechanical engineering, aeronautical engineering and a diploma in mechanical [DME/BE(Mech.)/BE(Aero)]
  • Students pursuing a Master’s degree [M.E. (CAD/CAM)/ M.E. (Aeronautical)]
  • Professionals involved in product design, aeronautical design and aerospace design
How do you design an aircraft or a spacecraft?

And in doing so, how do you keep the risk of failure minimal while bearing in mind that they will eventually fail?