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Engineering Simulation Software Solutions - ANSYS

Post Date - 07-09-2015

Simulation in Engineering is a peer-reviewed, exposed entree platform that aims at providing a forum for the discussion of methodologies and simulation techniques that are proposed to support the latest and bigger understanding of Engineeri... Read More

Capture the Legacy Data Faster and Accurate Through Reverse Engineering

Post Date - 13-07-2015

What Is Legacy Data? Legacy data is the collection of all the information which is not being used or managed at present but stored physical or electronic format. The legacy data usually includes a huge volume of data bundled in files, the purposes... Read More

3D Printing - Bring the Manufacturing to your Desktop

Post Date - 06-07-2015

3D-printing also known as Additive manufacturing, is a process of manufacturing 3 dimensional object by the use of successive layers of materials (fibers) laid down under computer controls. 3-D printing can be used to build any kind of shape or geome... Read More

Computer Aided Styling (CAS) – A mandatory step in new car design process

Post Date - 03-07-2015

Cars have always been the object of attraction for its speed and design. Either it is a sports car or it is our family car, we seek elegant design, ability to provide more speed, and comfort. There is a huge number of people who love the cars for spe... Read More

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