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Course Overview

Development in the building and construction industry is the best way to show-off the infrastructural capabilities of any country. It is the reason, nowadays all the developed and developing nations are primarily focusing on this industry, thereby opening many opportunities for designers to kick-start their career in this domain.

At Institute of Industrial Design, we have tailor-made programs for building and construction design that enhances your designing skills and makes you immediately employable.

Architectural concepts

Architectural concepts ensure the successful completion of a project. They help in determining different principles and practices to be adopted for timely completion of project within the fixed budget that ultimately meet the needs and exceed the expectations. With the course in Architectural concepts you gain insights about the following topics:

  • Art studio
  • Color schemes
  • Architectural drawings
  • Properties of materials
  • Design of structures
  • Interior design
  • Earthquake resistant architecture
  • Vaastu Shastra
  • Urban design
  • Perspective drawing

Structural concepts

Structural concepts are mostly used in the field of civil and structural engineering. It involves calculating loads, stresses acting on the building, analysis for the loads and design of sections to sustain the building’s capacity. With this course you gain an understanding of the designed structure and its capacity to withstand the loads. This course covers the below mentioned topics:

  • Blueprint reading
  • Column placement rules
  • Geotechnical report on which the foundation design
  • Center line drawing
  • Scales drawing
  • Planning permission and building License
  • Construction rules and regulations
  • Floor space index
  • General building requirements and services
  • Construction materials
  • Weight Of Rod Per Meter Length
  • Approximate methods for the structural design of buildings

Building Information Modeling (BIM) Concepts

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a digital demonstration of physical and functional appearances of a building. It can convert 2D data into 3D visualization form. This course covers the below mentioned topics:

  • Introduction to BIM
  • Organizational Roles
  • Resources and support systems
  • BIM execution plan
  • BIM foundations
  • Financial benefits vs. investment
  • BIM management techniques
  • BIM standards
  • Required skills in BIM
  • BIM goals and uses
  • Designing the BIM execution
  • Collaboration procedures
  • Role and benefits: building Life cycle
  • BIM usages and real-world
  • LOD and return on BIM investment

Who should attend?

The primary beneficiaries of this course are:

  • Students pursuing architectural degree [D.Arch/B.Arch/M.Arch]
  • Civil engineering students who aspire to become professional architect, design engineer, BIM modeler [DCE/B. E (Civil)]
Course Materials

All materials for this course are included in the course fee.