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Composite Design Course (Duration: 40 Hours)

Composites are materials made of two or more materials of different physical or chemical properties. High temperature composite engine parts and polymer hybrids are popular examples of composites. Composites make aircraft and automobiles lightweight, cost-effective, fuel-efficient and durable. They are also used in making ships, buildings, military equipments.

Composite Design course imparts knowledge and training in all aspects of composite design, including laminate definition, producibility analysis, generation of flat patterns, and sharing design data with production teams. The course teaches the nuances like capturing non-geometric composite data and associating it with geometry in 3D CAD model for a complete digital product definition. Students are given projects.

Course Structure
  • User Interface of composite design workbench in CATIA
  • Defining composite parameters
  • Creating preliminary design
  • Creating engineering design, plies
  • Exporting ply data
  • Analyzing designs
  • Removing ply shells
  • Creating manufacturing process

Composite designers are employed primarily in aeronautical and automobile, auto ancillary design industries as composite technologists. In defence and manufacturing sector, they are hired to conduct basic and applied research in developing advanced composites.


Pass in any diploma course or bachelor’s degree. Suitable for engineering students.

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