Infrastructure Design

The complete mix of theoretical, practical and industrial-based skills.
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Infrastructure Design - Course Overview

Infrastructure designing is an extension to the traditional civil engineering methods that emphasizes on how different structures behave together as a system and serves the community's needs. Basically, Infrastructure concepts deal with basic engineering details of rail design, road design, bridge design, and drainage design. Primarily the infrastructure designing course at Institute of Industrial Design is dedicated to provide skill training to the students in infrastructure design from conceptualization to construction. Also, it enhances productivity by giving knowledge of the latest technology in BIM (Building Information and Modeling).

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Under this course, you get acquainted with the components that make up your systems such as nodes, networks, and storage. Also, this course provides in-depth knowledge in Infrastructure Design Concepts.

Geographic information system (GIS)

GIS is a framework for gathering, managing, and analyzing data. Under this course, students learn about:

  • Analysis Spatial Location
  • Visualizations using Maps and 3D scenes
  • Gain deeper insights into patterns, relationships, and situations
Roadway design & analysis

It is the branch of highway engineering concerned with the positioning of the physical elements of the road according to standards and constraints. Under the Roadway Design and Analysis course of IID you learn:

  • Roadway designing
  • Roadway Analysis
Bridge design & analysis

The primary objective of this course is to make students well-acquainted with the fundamentals of efficient bridge designing.

Who should take this course?
  • Civil engineering students who aspire to become an expert in infrastructure design [DCE/B.E (Civil)]
  • Students pursuing a master’s degree [M.E. Transportation Engineering]
  • Professionals involved in highway, transportation design, City and town planning, Construction of non-building structures