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Product Design - Course Overview

Product Design will acquaint you with the entire process of designing a new product or extemporizing an existing product. This program will empower your understanding of product design from concept to construction. All the curriculums consistent with the industry standards, withholding the latest strategies and innovation. This course will cover the following Knowledge Areas:


With the fundamentals concept training in product design, students acquire a complete knowledge about Design Fundamentals and conceptual Design. Design fundamentals teach you how to design a product. It explains that product must be practically attainable. The conceptual design consists of a series of activities, beginning from generation of concept, to its screening, then analyzing the same and finally the selecting the best conceptual design. Hence in the crux, this course covers:

  • Design Fundamentals
  • Conceptual Design
Industrial Design

Industrial design work is mainly related to research and development of a product, which includes styling of a product, prototyping, reverse engineering, ergonomics, safety, and much more. The course will acquaint you with all the major, and minor benchmarks followed in the industrial field, including the basic knowledge required in general concepts and computer aided design.

In the Industrial Design Program will rekindle your knowledge in:

  • Product sketching
  • Clay modeling
  • Product styling
  • Reverse engineering
  • Ergonomics design
  • 3D printing and prototyping
Engineering Design

Engineering Design task is concerned with the development of the product. It will teach you how to add value and create parametric modelling in automobiles and products. Engineering design involves tasks related to new product development, modelling 3D models, analysis of structural aspects of product, analysis of product behaviour, choosing of the right material, etc.

The Engineering design program will cover the below mentioned topics:

  • Parametric/ history free design
  • BIW Design
  • Computational Fluid Analysis (CFD)
  • Structural Analysis
  • Mechanism Design
  • Optimization Design
  • Manufacturing Fundamentals
  • GDT
  • PLM

Product Manufacturing will train students in tool design, mold design, jigs and fixture, and other machining processes. They deal with specialized design and their application. The manufacturing program covers all the major and minor principles applicable to the industrial field with a prior understanding of general concepts and computer aided manufacturing.

Main topics covered under this program are:

  • Manufacturing Fundamentals
  • Machining
  • Tool Design
  • Mold and Cast Design
  • Jigs and Fixture Design
Who should take this course?

The course intends to skill and empower

  • Students pursuing mechanical engineering, automobile engineering and a diploma in mechanical, automobile, aeronautical and electrical [DME/DAE/BE(Mech)/BE(Auto)/ BE(Aero)/ BE(Elec)]
  • Students pursuing Master's degree [M.E. (CAD/CAM)/ M.E. (Automobile)/ M.E. (Aeronautical)/ M.E. (Electrical)]
  • Professionals involved in product design, automobile design and vehicle design
  • Product suppliers