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3D Printing Is Changing the Way We Think

Post Date - 27-11-2018

Machine learning, big data, and artificial intelligence are some of the emerging technologies that have dazzled the world recently. These innovations have not only made the machines intelligent but have also changed the way we think about machines.& Read More

Why You Should Become a Structural Engineer

Post Date - 17-08-2018

Dams, canals, bridges, roads, tunnels, each of them are landmarks in their own way and are built through the efforts of a structural engineer. These professionals get an opportunity to build remarkable structures that leave a memorable mark on the Read More

Reverse Engineering: A Thriving Career Option

Post Date - 02-08-2018

Developing a product from the right beginning can be challenging. The challenge further increases if the product is complex or big to develop in a short period. The best approach, in this case, is to optimize the available resources and develop the Read More

What is the Difference between Automotive and Automobile Engineering?

Post Date - 23-05-2018

Automotive engineering and automobile engineering are both branches that deal in with vehicles. The terms confuse a number of people as both tend to be interrelated and are often used interchangeably. Still, several differences exist between the two Read More

What is the Scope and Pay Scale of Clay Sketching?

Post Date - 24-04-2018

Taking consideration of clay modeling in auto industry, it is an optimized way to build the design with people using their hands and tools to make the real 2D design on paper. However, with the arrival of 3D printing, it was considered to take over Read More

Clay Modelling – An Alternate Career?

Post Date - 19-04-2018

Certainly, clay modelling is not the direct ambition of any car designer. However, in the crowded environment and various graduates seeking employment, clay modelling is considered as a great option to pursue a bright career Read More

Despite 3D printing technology, why car designer chose to stick with clay?

Post Date - 17-04-2018

Even if the clay models take a few months to create, nothing still beats a clay model in imagining the car Read More

Salary and Scope of 3D Printing

Post Date - 31-03-2018

3D printing technology experiences rapid growth while taking big waves across every sector and industry. Even when the terms still seem new to many, it’s application has become versatile and in-demand due to 3D printer’s uses and modeling Read More

Three advantages of CATIA in Aerospace Composite Design and Manufacturing

Post Date - 23-03-2018

Designing and manufacturing aircraft parts are complicated without worrying about their structural integrity. However, the CAD technology CATIA helps the aerospace designers to develop and generate products with high quality and supreme performance. Read More

5 Product Design Trends to keep an Eye Out for in 2018

Post Date - 05-03-2018

The process of the product development lifecycle has changed significantly in the past few years. The most powerful player in this is the Internet of Things (IoT) that helped to accelerate the process of Product Development Read More