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The Rise of Reverse Engineering Imparted life to the Classic Product Designs

Post Date - 04-07-2016

The job of the Design Engineers has been radically changed over the course of the past few years. The transformation of finite element analysis with the help of software tools from mainframe to desktop computers have completely changed the picture of Read More

The Art of Idealization in Finite Element Analysis

Post Date - 07-06-2016

In Finite Element Analysis, idealization is the art of reducing a real structure into an assembly of individual elements. In simple words, the process involves taking a single CAD produced geometric model and getting it completely meshed. The method Read More

Digital Manufacturing For Body in White

Post Date - 23-05-2016

The Body In White Design - Engineering and Manufacturing solution is developed specifically to address the needs of body in white product and process engineers. This Solution helps engineers to capture and reuse the design structure from one Read More

Introducing Ergonomics to Product Design

Post Date - 09-05-2016

As we very well know, Ergonomics is all about the study of people and their interaction with the environment around them. Ergonomics involves collection of measurements, also known as ‘anthropometric data’ that can be applied to designs Read More

Computer Aided Product Styling- The Emerging Opportunities

Post Date - 21-01-2016

Product styling or automotive design is a very critical phase during the design process including functional design and development of modern machines. Product Styling has a wide scope in the field of engineering such as Fluid Systems, Electrical Read More

Clay Modelling – The Way Designers Take Early Decisions

Post Date - 08-01-2016

Prototyping with clay is always easy and quick- it is versatile and a pleasure to work with. Clay modelling is one of the primary processes some of the industries adapt in modern day development in sectors such as Animation and Graphics, Automobile Read More

Aesthetics – The Growing Importance in Product Design

Post Date - 31-12-2015

The visual appearance of a product plays a critical role in consumer response and product success. Products are usually judged on the basis of elegance, functionality and social significance based on the visual information. Information such as how Read More

3D Scanning and 3D Printing – The Best Pair For Faster Product Development

Post Date - 17-12-2015

3D scanning and 3D modelling is one of the readily available and easy solutions in the development stream. 3D scanning is a fast and accurate method of feeding physical measurements of an object onto a computer in an organized manner, resulting in Read More

Trends in Mechanical Engineering Careers

Post Date - 23-09-2015

"Mechanical Engineering - Where innovation takes place" Read More

What is Parametric Modelling?

Post Date - 14-09-2015

The word parametric principally means that MCAD software practices parameters. Prime significance of these parameters are measurements, and in MCAD software, dimensions determine the geometry, as contrasting to the geometry driving the proportions, Read More