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Engineering Simulation Software Solutions - ANSYS

Post Date - 07-09-2015

Simulation in Engineering is a peer-reviewed, exposed entree platform that aims at providing a forum for the discussion of methodologies and simulation techniques that are proposed to support the latest and bigger understanding of Read More

3D Printing - Bring the Manufacturing to your Desktop

Post Date - 06-07-2015

3D-printing also known as Additive manufacturing, is a process of manufacturing 3 dimensional object by the use of successive layers of materials (fibers) laid down under computer controls. 3-D printing can be used to build any kind of shape or Read More

Computer Aided Styling (CAS) – A mandatory step in new car design process

Post Date - 03-07-2015

Cars have always been the object of attraction for its speed and design. Either it is a sports car or it is our family car, we seek elegant design, ability to provide more speed, and comfort. There is a huge number of people who love the cars for Read More