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Sketching for Product Designers course (Duration: 40 Hours)

Sketching is an incredibly useful skill for all product designers. Even in the computer age, hand-drawn sketches are still the starting point of all product designs. Sketching in product design is all about drawing various aspects of simple, complex shapes and forms, as well as rendering and providing context using scenarios and storyboards.

The course teaches drawing of geometrical shapes till developing sketches into finished illustrations. Students learn theories and practical exercises of visualization techniques, including freehand sketching, digital rendering, information graphics, and presentation. It guides students step by step through mastering different sketching techniques. Students are required to do projects as part of the course.

Course Highlights
  • Introduction to industrial design
  • Sketching types (Ideation, Exploration, Explanation, Persuasion)
  • Free hand sketching
  • Perspective drawing
  • Sketching 1-Point, 2-Point and 3-Point perspectives
  • Sketching basic geometries
  • Sketching cubes, circles, ellipse, cylinder, sphere, filleted cube, cut objects
  • Sketching complex geometries
  • Creating view – Multiplying, dividing, mirroring the objects in perspective
  • Sketching exploded view
  • Concept generation
  • Shading and Rendering best practices
  • Digital rendering using Sketchbook pro
  • Projects

Students of this course can apply for designer jobs at consumer product, electronic, and all product manufacturing companies to work in the concept and design departments. Sketch artist, concept illustration artist, concept artists are some of exclusive job positions made open in this domain.


Pass in any diploma course or bachelor’s degree. Suitable for engineering students.

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