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SolidWorks Motion course (Duration: 40 Hours)

SolidWorks Motion is a simulator that lets designers analyze and evaluate how their products and parts move and perform in the real world. With Motion software, designers can visualize and measure the forces and loads that are likely to action the products when they are used.

This course teaches students to use SolidWorks Motion to calculate the effect of: forces, springs, dampers, gravity, contact between components, and bushings, on a product’s design. Students will learn everything about motion studies, graphical simulations of motion for assembly models, and conduct detailed motion analysis (based on time and event) and evaluate the mechanical performance of product designs. Students are required to do projects.

Product Video

Course Highlights
  • Types of motion studies
  • SolidWorks motion capabilities, motion entities
  • Animation and basic motion
  • Motion simulation
  • Using SolidWorks Motion for solving particle dynamics problems
  • Using SolidWorks Motion for solving multibody dynamics
  • Results plots and verification

Solidworks Motion analysts are hired as product designers and analysts in automobile, aeronautics, machinery and all consumer productmanufacturing, testing and design companies.

Pass in any diploma course or bachelor’s degree. Suitable for engineering students.

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