Specialised Training

Get the core knowledge on flight mechanics and how aircraft are designed.
Corporate Training

To help organizations stay updated with the latest technology trends, IID offers tailor-made training programs to the workforce to stay abreast with the technology insights for the business role they play.

Corporate training helps businesses to keep their team updated with the technological business advancements and encourage business growth. Also, it helps in building,

  • Highly efficient and productive project teams
  • Internationally recognized/accredited bunch of team assets
  • Improved levels of Job satisfaction among employees by delivering the platform for developing skills
Courses Offered

The courses covered under this training program:

Corporate Training by IID focuses on providing specialized courses to hone your business team for making an excellent impact on your customer pool.

Institutional Training

Institutional Training- Industry-Specific Skills Now at Your Classrooms!
In this competitive corporate environment, theoretical knowledge about engineering skills is not sufficient to sustain the industry demands. It is necessary to equip oneself with the practical knowledge and skills to start a career of one’s choice. To help students acquire technical skills and industry-specific expertise, IID offers Institutional Training at colleges/ Universities.

  • Parametric/ history free design
  • BIW Design
  • Computational Fluid Analysis (CFD)
  • Structural Analysis
  • Mechanism Design
  • Optimization Design
  • Manufacturing Fundamentals
  • Goemetric Design Tolerance (GDT)
  • Product Lifecycle Management ( PLM)
What does Industry Demand?

With this specialized course, you get a chance to learn the technical skills that the industry demands in the current scenario.

  • Strong Engineering Fundamentals
  • Communication / Soft Skills
  • Project/ Program Development Skills
  • Ready for Deployment, and be productive from Day One
  • CAD software skills
  • Business Etiquette
Courses Offered

The courses offered under this program include: