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3D Printing - Bring the Manufacturing to your Desktop

3D-printing also known as Additive manufacturing, is a process of manufacturing 3 dimensional object by the use of successive layers of materials (fibers) laid down under computer controls. 3-D printing can be used to build any kind of shape or geometry, for instance, armors or 3-D sample of big projects.


How Does It Works?


The process of 3-D printing initiate with making a virtual design of the object, followed by the 3-D scanning of the object. These design are made on CAD (Computer Aided Design) files using 3-D modeling program or by the use of 3-D scanner which creates a 3-D copy of the object.


3D Printing On Desktop

The other name of 3D printing is desktop fabrication which indicates the ability to bring the manufacturing power to your desktop. One just need to design his/her 3 dimensional model on the desktop and the printer would turn into a real 3D object.

The most attractive feature of these 3D printer is they give you the ability to create anything in 3 dimension with the help of the design you created virtually. The manufacturing process requires a digital 3D model which either can be created by the help of CAD or downloaded from internet. These digital models are normally saved in the STL format and sends it to the printer. The 3 dimensional printing is done with the help of equipment placing the material layer by layer, similar to the working of an ink-jet printer.

3D printer offers you the freedom to create an object in minutes that would have taken hours in manual creation. All you need to have the knowledge of computer designing in 3 dimensional designing.

The most popular and important applications of these printings are in the medical industry where 3D surgeons can use the mock ups of the body parts of the patients to analyze, which they were supposed to operate.

These printers are becoming more and more popular with the time and easier to use. Nowadays, there are huge range of desktop 3D printers available for home. People use these printers for making small 3D projects or toys for kids at home.

These printers are cost efficient and helps in saving a huge amount of many in case of large projects, like, military operations or any medical research.