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5 Product Design Trends to keep an Eye Out for in 2018

The process of the product development lifecycle has changed significantly in the past few years. The most powerful player in this is the Internet of Things (IoT) that helped to accelerate the process of Product Development.

Internet of Things has made it possible for the product designers to receive all the information needed to develop a high performing product. For this, the engineers need to embrace new technologies. Below we have five trends that the engineers will come across in the coming year.

  1. Augmented Reality: The technology has made it possible for the design engineers and team members to work with a 3D Model. Now the designs are made virtualized and interactive to attain high efficiency.


  1. IoT Products that Transform the Design process: The IoT capabilities connecting products and devices with each other to share information is a significant advantage in the process of Product Development Life Cycle.


  1. The Digital Twin: The Digital twin is one of the latest technologies that has given a new definition of product development lifecycle.
  • It combines the digital definition with a specific physical experience of the asset.
  • Such a purpose-built digital representation lets the manufacturers analyze them for future sale.  


  1. Digitalization: This involves digitizing all the product data and information to collect, process and deliver the most updated and accurate information about the product.


  1. PLM in the cloud to make Rapid Transformations: The cloud-based PLM eradicates the burden of setting up and maintaining the development system on premises reducing the cost of owning the system.


The trends mentioned above helps the organization and the team members to informed decisions. These technologies also the developers to identify and any development or performance issues and make improvements as and when required.