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Aesthetics – The Growing Importance in Product Design

The visual appearance of a product plays a critical role in consumer response and product success. Products are usually judged on the basis of elegance, functionality and social significance based on the visual information. Information such as how fashionable the product is, weather it is a novelty or an old favourite, a symbol of wealth or love, amount of danger involved in using the product, etc. are the concerns involves when we discuss about the aesthetics of a product.


A good design is one of the essential features in product development; a well-functioning, visually and ergonomically attractive product can clear differentiate itself in the competitive market. Aesthetics philosophy can be mastered by any designer in the key elements such as- Mass and space, proportion, symmetry, balance, contrast, pattern, decoration, massing, etc.


All these key elements are collectively important in any product design. Aesthetics bends these rules all the time in a product development cycle. As we all know beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder- designing an efficient and aesthetically appealing product weather a car or a home is very important. Defining aesthetics of a product becomes a tricky task manually. Resolving this issue, true interactivity of CAD tools allows a more effective exploration of larger parts of design space and can thereby result in an actual amplification of the creative process.


Therefore many industries from animation to architecture, automobile designing, education, fashion design, digital art, films and videos, industrial designs, information technology, two dimension and plastic art, website designing, etc. prefer to use aesthetics in their process for their product success. Aesthetic analysis of a product can be difficult and time consuming task without a proper tool as well as a proper trained professionals who can answer to the design challenges in the evolving market.


Therefore, these industries are offering employment opportunities to the highly skilled candidates who have gained professional training in Aesthetics. Preference for employment is given to candidates having sound knowledge about using the aesthetic tools in product design and development.


The Institute of Industrial Design (IID), a premium arm of CADD Centre is thus providing an opportunity for students and professionals who want to build their career in the design industry by getting enrolled in its training and certification programs. The courses are domain oriented and provides hands-on training to the aspiring candidates to prove their competency and contribute to the overall success both of the company as well as of themselves.