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Clay Modelling – An Alternate Career?

Certainly, clay modelling is not the direct ambition of any car designer. However, in the crowded environment and various graduates seeking employment, clay modelling is considered as a great option to pursue a bright career.

Although the world has many car designing enthusiasts, the designers who translate ideas into clay models are less known. As per the survey results, it was found that clay modellers ceased to exist in many countries in 2013 and those who exist were old and reached the age of retirement.

As an initiative, Nissan planned to introduce Diploma in Clay Modelling, in partnership with West Thames College in London.

If that sounds interesting to you, and you wish to make a career in this stream, keep reading…

Here, are some current & important facts regarding clay modelling course:

  • Coventry University’s Transport Design Degree Course runs a recognized program for clay modelling.
  • Famous design studios, JLR and Aston Martin are keen to offer an internship to students for building their skills in clay modelling.
  • The current program at Coventry University is designed in such a way that last two years of the course will help students become either physical clay modellers or digital modellers by teaching Autodesk Alias Software.

Therefore, as a career, clay modelling can be seen in most design studios, right from junior modeller up to modelling manager. Working in collaboration with designers, there is also a large number of modellers working as freelance contractors. So, for the upcoming automotive design enthusiasts, clay modelling will be seen as a lucrative career option in the future.