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Computer Aided Product Styling- The Emerging Opportunities

Product styling or automotive design is a very critical phase during the design process including functional design and development of modern machines. Product Styling has a wide scope in the field of engineering such as Fluid Systems, Electrical systems, Industries, Aerospace, Automotive, Shipbuilding and many others.


Styling is usually concerned with developing the visual appearance or aesthetics of the product. The functional design of the product for e.g.-vehicle is generally done by a large team of people through different disciplines integrated to generate a single product. Product styling is a highly creative profession carried out by individuals who have an art background and a degree in industrial design.


Many manufacturing industries are struggling with establishing a novel fact from styling structure that can be used as a point of reference in designing modern day transport vehicles. The conventional methodologies and skills in such areas may cause threat to the growing business scenarios and the rapidly developing engineering sector.


Owing to competition and globalization of the automobile industry, this branch of engineering design is witnessing an influx of innovation-thus constant learning of changing designs, patterns and supportive software tools is a must. Thus many manufacturing and development industries are now offering employment opportunities for candidate who are highly skilled and trained to meet the needs of the industry and challenge the growing trend taking the business to the next level.


Computer Aided Product Styling is a process of CAD which designs and optimizes products through creation of three-dimensional virtual prototype. The use of CAD modeling software address issues regarding product development improvement, product quality and time to market by automating the product development process.


Institute of Industrial Design, an arm of CADD Centre offers professional certification courses in, for now Automobile Body Design and Aircraft Body Design to generate highly skilled professionals who can cater to the needs of this industry. IID hence encourages graduate engineering candidates and working professionals to enroll in the highly advances courses and prove their competency through professional training programs. These programs provide professional training in tools such as CATIA, Ansys Fluent, Composite, 3D Printer, etc.


The candidates interested to build their career around product styling and development should take advantage of this amazing opportunity and prove their competence opening success paths.