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Computer Aided Styling (CAS) – A mandatory step in new car design process

Cars have always been the object of attraction for its speed and design. Either it is a sports car or it is our family car, we seek elegant design, ability to provide more speed, and comfort. There is a huge number of people who love the cars for speed and their glamorous design and this number is almost equals to the number of people passionate for their own innovation in terms of car designing. If you are one of them there are some basics of designing you should know before you start.

Basics of designing a car

If you are thinking to design a car, the first step is always to start on paper. Car designing requires the basic sketching skills and every idea needs to take shape on the paper. You need make a rough sketch of all sides of your car and then continue this design on your computer to make it a 3D design.


There are a lot of designing tools available in the market that help you convert your 2D designs into a 3 dimensional one. The knowledge of working and use of these tools is also essential to design your dream car.


Car designing is not all about making an object or a shape looking like a car, it is more about bringing your idea to life. An experience of working with the cars and the complete knowledge of the cars from its design, interior, working, engines and other mechanism, and the physical requirements are mandatory for a car designer.


Computer designing skill
It is the most essential skill in today’s world for a designer. Everything is being done by the computers to make the work easier, cost efficient, and time efficient. Designing is the biggest field to use computer programs for their product manufacturing or planning. There are several courses available especially made for designing different kind of objects on computer, for example, computer-aided designing (CAD) or computer-aided styling (CAS).


Computer-aided styling for car designing

CAS is the tool to assist the creation, modification, analysis or optimization of the designs using computer system. It helps in the designer to increase his/her productivity in terms of innovative designs with improved quality. It also offers an improved communications through documentation and create a database for manufacturing.


CAS is the process of creating design from sketches, oral information, or via digital data in a 3D software. And, it is the most essential software that is being used in the car designing field. It helps to turn all the ideas, either in 2D form of sketches or the one haven’t took any shape yet, in the 3D objects. One can see and feel his/her car almost as close as the reality.