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Despite 3D printing technology, why car designer chose to stick with clay?

Even if the clay models take a few months to create, nothing still beats a clay model in imagining the car.

In the decade of 3D printing and virtual reality headsets, when things can be imagined from a digital device, many people thought that car industry would give up on clay modeling. But, the clay model is still seen as a necessity within the automobile industry.

The primary reason that clay modeling is still around is that carmakers want them. The car makers observed that they were turning out lackluster vehicles due to the lack of hands-on interaction and inability to evaluate styling. The human element may sound quantifiable but is productive and successful than just embracing digital formats.

There is one more thing which is often overlooked. The creation of curves and B-pillar transition might take some time, but getting the same through computer and stylus may consume many hours. And, once it is in clay, the car can be scanned into CAD program within an hour. Therefore, you don’t have to do it with a stylus, mouse, or fancy 3D headset.

So, there is nothing better for car designing than the properties offered by clay. It provides something which contemporary modeling techniques do not.