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Digital Manufacturing For Body in White

The Body In White Design - Engineering and Manufacturing solution is developed specifically to address the needs of body in white product and process engineers. This Solution helps engineers to capture and reuse the design structure from one successful project to another completely leveraging and capitalizing corporate knowledge.


Design cycles in automobile designing are labor intensive and time consuming. Inability to access and capture the product information with a use of inefficient process or any other intellectual properties often force automobile engineers to restart designs from scratch or develop new data for each and every product design.


Body In White Designs making things easier


The techniques is equipped with relational design, knowledgeware, design templates, morphing techniques and relational design methods. Using this techniques, engineers save considerable amount of time developing a new BIW design. Use of Body In White Design incorporates world-class styling and class A surface designing capabilities enabling engineers produce new and innovative styles to captivate the market.


This method not only helps engineers develop outstanding and amazing set of automobile designs, but also they it takes care of the overall structure of the product taking care of noise and vibration reduction- comfort of the occupant and their protection at a crash event.


BIW Scope


The BIW engineers works in R&D and design departments of the design houses and tier-one suppliers in automotive sectors. Technical companies which offer engineering and design services also look forward for skilled and efficient BIW engineers.


The Institute of Industrial Design, one of the powerful arms of the CADD Centres, offers a technical training course in the Body In White Design technology. This powerful courses trains candidates in CAD tools of CATIA to generate advanced 3D designs. This technique makes students experts in shape designs, interface designs and image rendering.