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Innovate And Develop the Product Designing Methods with Technology

With the rapid technical advancements, the modern day technology covered the entire process of product design and development under its umbrella. The methods of product designing and prototyping have completely transformed since past few years. 


Product designing process is something that is part and parcel of any product development life cycle. Automotive designs are one of such fields that is evergreen. Even in the days of CAD, developing paper sketches, prototyping, and rapid prototyping remains an indispensable part in automotive designing to communicate the ideas and concepts.


Another step in automotive design is the Body In White Design and manufacturing. This field is dedicated to designing the outer shell for an automotive product, such as cars, busses, or even aircraft. BIW designs do not cover any moving parts of the automobiles such as doors or windows. This stage involves generating 3D designs and models of the product that are to be physically manufactured


Other than developing the prototypes of a product, another important aspect to be concerned is all about the concepts of computational fluid dynamics. This is one of the important branches of engineering, which deals all in about the performance of a product depending upon how a gas or liquid will flow through it. This method covers aspects including applied mathematics, physics and computational software to deal with applications such as liquid and gas flow with the respective heat transfer, external and internal fluid flows, transitional flows, laminar flows, turbulent flows, heat transfer in solids, etc.


Solidworks Motion, on the other hand, deals in all about the characters of a product when it is ready to move. This branch can help professionals to analyze how their intended product or project will perform when all its components interact to perform the motion. This branch helps individuals to calculate and analyze the effects of springs, forces, dampers, gravity, etc.


It has now become important to have adequate knowledge of all these technologies, development methods and process to move in a forward direction in the field of Product Designing, Development, and Analysis for Engineering and Manufacturing firms. The Institute of Industrial design (IID) is one of the pioneer arms of the CADD Centre that offers exceptional courseware about all these aspects useful in the Product development life Cycle. Interested candidates can join and get themselves certified to accelerate their careers in this field of Engineering and Technology.