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Introducing Ergonomics to Product Design

As we very well know, Ergonomics is all about the study of people and their interaction with the environment around them. Ergonomics involves collection of measurements, also known as ‘anthropometric data’ that can be applied to designs or products to make them more comfortable to use.


The products are matched to the needs of the user, such that it is convenient to use. Product Ergonomics includes application of theories, principles, methods and data in the design process in order to optimize human well-being and overall product performance.


Product designers perform a variety of product ergonomic analysis in 3D environment through ergonomic CAD tools using biomechanically accurate digital humans of various sizes. These analysis and study patterns determine how customers see, reach and operate the products. Also, what are the factors that can hurt the users, get them tired or exhausted using the product.


The Product Ergonomics Scope

The Product ergonomic professionals are potential candidates for digital and physical product designing and manufacturing companies, human factors consulting firms and user experience design companies. Product ergonomics also deals with industrial designs, vehicle designs, tool designs, aircraft designs, etc.


Mastering Product Ergonomics

Mastering the field of product ergonomics can turn candidate into skilled professionals who can grab the immense employment opportunities across a number of industries such as automobile designs, aircraft designs, etc. Professionals through highly advanced courses in product ergonomics learn product development and design aspects such as-

  • Designs for average and extreme conditions
  • Designs for adjustable intervals
  • Designs based on location and environment of the operating area

The Institute of Industrial Design, a powerful arm of the reputed CADD Centre for Technical Training and Development, offers the Product Ergonomics Course that makes a candidate highly proficient and skilled in the field of product ergonomics meeting the market demands.