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Intuitive CAS Designs Transforming Ideas to Reality

Computer Aided Styling (CAS) is an exceptional branch which helps designers to create, analyze and modify aesthetically pleasing shapes and surfaces for consumer products. This technology deals with creating exterior, interior, trim and color designs and patterns, or we can say visual appearance for automobiles and other products.


Computer Aided Styling is a subset of Computer Aided Design (CAD), this branch deals in software tools that directly helps in product development. With this technology, the industrial designers have the freedom of creativity with a highly efficient tool in hand. The CAS technology allows designers to:


·   Create sketches using a stylus


·   Generate desired shapes and curves directly from these sketches


·    Generate surfaces directly from curves 


The final product of this approach is a 3D model of the product that the designers intended to generate. These designs can be saved in STL format and can prove as handy design models of the products. These models are easy to modify and can be helpful for presentation in official meetings regarding product analysis and development.


CAS software tools available today are equipped with the advanced capabilities to carry out complex analysis tasks that help to deliver industry standard designs for products.  The modern tools have high-performance rendering and visualization capabilities that contribute to generating 3D forms.


The rise of Computer Aided Styling made the process of converting 2D designs from paper to 3D visual models very easy. This technology equips candidates and professionals with skills that help to generate efficient and aesthetic concept designs and models for the intended products.


CAS models, when completely developed, can be shared to develop the technical model of the product. CAS methodology and implementation techniques have significantly affected the overall design and development of industrial products. CAS has evolved dramatically over the past few years and has helped developers to express their ideas in a relatively more visual way without much extents.


CAS professionals are in great demand in almost all consumer product companies and independent styling agencies. These professionals work at the major design companies and corporate departments.


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