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Is Aircraft Body Design The Most Trending Thing Now?

In the recent years, Aircraft Body Design have become efficient with the involvement of a number of trends. Several countries are establishing the strategic alliances and moving to optimize the design in many ways. Top three emerging trends are anticipated in the next phase of Aircraft body design. Global commercial and defense research analysts are able to generate strategic values of the these trends.

Integration of Advanced Weapons into Aircrafts

In 2011, a consortium comprises of European countries such as Germany, Italy, France, and Spain developed high-speed air-to-air missiles that can be installed in combat aircraft. These aircraft are powerful and are able to destroy a moving aircraft. In addition, they are able to explode rocket propulsion system with a higher average speed. India has developed hypersonic cruise missiles having a speed of more than 3700 miles per hour.

Inclusion of cold repair technologies

Employment of cold repair technologies will emerge as a key trend in commercial and military aircraft in MRO market. The cold metal transfer is a technology that is able to replace conventional inert gas and metal inert gas welding for joining light-gauge metal sheet. This new technology is fabricated largely with composites and metal alloys, the procedure for maintenance change accordingly. To address the new approach, MRO (maintenance repair and overhaul) service providers are giving more focus on NDT techniques.

Emphasizing on eco-friendly aircraft

The development of eco-friendly aircraft is growing from twin-aisle VIP aircraft and large wide-body aircraft completion to the refurbishment of smaller VIP single-aisle jets. The growing focus on environment safety led most of the airlines to opt for systems that are eco-friendly. Most of the Airlines such as Air Canada, British Airways are using green design technologies, waste reduction programs and provision carbon-offset options to air travelers.

Implementation of Features

Incorporation of above trends can be seen the recent aircraft designs approved by NASA. In the recent years, NASA takes wraps off to some concept of aircraft body designs. The designs origin from Lockheed Martin, The Boeing Company and Northrop Grumman that won the contract from NASA for research and further testing during 2011. Each design is different from other; however, all final designs are able to meet the final goal of lower fuel consumption, less noise, and cleaner exhaust.

The above illustration is a proof of how aircraft body designs have modernized complete air traffic management system and are the most trending thing now.