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Salary and Scope of 3D Printing

3D printing technology experiences rapid growth while taking big waves across every sector and industry. Even when the terms still seem new to many, it’s application has become versatile and in-demand due to 3D printer’s uses and modeling concepts.


  • 3D printed parts will be available everywhere. Being lighter in weight and fuel efficient, it will exist anywhere such as in planes, car, appliances and will enhance the future without you knowing.
  • The technology of 3D printing will start saving lives by custom-matched body shapes. It is used for making better implants, prosthetic limbs, and orthodontic devices.
  • It is possible to produce better home appliances with decreased cost, improved design software, the specific range of printable materials and rapid prototyping.
  • It will serve the start-up industry in no small extent. The generation of hackers, innovators, and makers will take advantage of capabilities of 3D printing for creating new products or giving services to the market.
  • Soon you will be able to find the 3D print shops around the market, first serving the local markets with 3D printing services and then branch into the consumer marketplace.
  • 3D printing technology will extend to school projects. With the incorporation of 3D printers in school, students will take digital literacy such as Web and App Development, Collaboration and 3D Design.


As the industry of 3D printing booms, it brings a lot for the job seekers. Right from the designers, to the nontechnical positions, there are various jobs that will get a boost from 3D printing.

Here are the average salaries in field of 3D printing based on the skills.


Average Salary

Industrial Designer


Mechanical Engineer


3d Artist


Design Architect


Manufacturing Engineer



Degrees in fields such as design, engineering, animation, medical technologies, and software development can serve as a springboard into new vocations around 3D printing.