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The Rise of Reverse Engineering Imparted life to the Classic Product Designs

The job of the Design Engineers has been radically changed over the course of the past few years. The transformation of finite element analysis with the help of software tools from mainframe to desktop computers have completely changed the picture of product designing and development practices.


Reverse engineering methodology has become a practical tool to create the three- dimensional virtual model of a product. The easy availability of Computer Aided Design Packages has made the use of 3-D CAD, Computer Aided Manufacturing or other relevant computer aided engineering applications easier.


Another reason behind the popularity and an increase in the number of these hardware and software is that they have become more affordable for the firms to use. This Reverse Engineering techniques are helping engineering firms, especially small and medium organizations to speed up development cutting the overall production cost.


Engineering the Impossible 


The reverse engineering method using the 3D scan data is the most efficient way to generate a CAD model from a physical object having any complex or free-form shape. Using the traditional measurement techniques such as calipers to reverse engineer the complex surfaces or objects can be difficult to impossible. The reverse Engineering technique using 3D CAD tools can, in turn, make the overall method just a game of clicks.


The modern tools and applications help professionals to import, parse, modify and manipulate the 3D data to create 3D designs of objects or products before they are manufactured by the industries. Through these models, professionals can analyze the product’s structure, function, and operations and make informed decisions about the final product.


The Motivation Behind Reverse Engineering


With the emerging and extensive use of Reverse Engineering techniques, this methodology can be utilized for a wide variety of tasks. Some of them can be:


Interfacing a system with another system to operate on a single task or Improve Documentation Shortcomings of a system for its design, operations or maintenance. This method can also be helpful when the original designers of the system are not available to fix bugs.


There are many other branches and issues which can be efficiently resolved by adopting Reverse Engineering practices.


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