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What is the Difference between Automotive and Automobile Engineering?

Automotive engineering and automobile engineering are both branches that deal in with vehicles. The terms confuse a number of people as both tend to be interrelated and are often used interchangeably. Still, several differences exist between the two fields. Here we have some of them mentioned below:

Automobile Engineering Automotive Engineering
Definition Automobile Engineering deals in cars. The branch specializes in designing car engines and fuel management. This is also said as a sub-branch of automotive engineering. Automotive Engineering, on the other hand deals with the construction and design of the automobiles. This is also said as a sub-branch of vehicle engineering.
Specifications The specialization area includes:
  • Exhaust systems
  • Engines
  • Structural Designs
The specialization area includes:
  • Automotive production
  • Vehicle drives and acoustics
  • Vehicle control systems
  • To understand the components of an automobile.
  • To gain knowledge of gearboxes.
  • To understand the components of automobile electrical system.
  • To learn the basics of engineering.
  • To measure the fuel economy and emissions.
  • To evaluate durability and corrosion engineering concepts.

Professionals working in Automobile Engineering are also said as Development Engineers and work to connect all systems into a single automobile. On the other hand, professionals working in an automobile, engineering are the performance engineers that research to ensure high performance. Both the disciplines hold lucrative job opportunities and rapid career growth in their respective fields.