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What is the Scope and Pay Scale of Clay Sketching?

Taking consideration of clay modeling in auto industry, it is an optimized way to build the design with people using their hands and tools to make the real 2D design on paper. However, with the arrival of 3D printing, it was considered to take over the design industry. It was anticipated that clay models would not be required anymore.  

Surprisingly, the implication of car clay models is still unmatched. For those who aspire to make a future in clay modeling and sketching, it has a broad scope to build a bright career.  It is recommended

Educational Assistance

  • FCA US has six design schools that produce clay designers.
  • CCS is the best place to learn automotive clay modeling.
  • The course curriculum includes an introduction to materials, molding of surfaces, making of structures and practices.
  • Students can earn a certification upon completion of a degree in automotive clay modeling.


CCS undergraduate transportation design program head, Paul Snyder said that “The talented clay modelers, sketchers, sculpture creators, are in high demand. These guys can write their ticket if they're that good.”

Pay Scale

The young artist who becomes aware of the clay modeling realizes that it has excellent career opportunities and pay scale. It is also suggested to work in the car design studios as it is very creative and relaxing.

The good paying auto industry should be more talked about in front of the students. The FCA official, including the head of design Ralph Gillies, said that clay modeling position could pay salary more than $100,000.