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Why Experts Say The 3D Printing Industry Had Gone Way Too Far

3D printing sounds futuristic- as making objects of any shape as needed sounds like a talk of the upcoming era. 3D printing is anticipated to make things barely recognizable in the next 50 to 75 years. We’re already printing skin, replica of human heart and making theoretical possibility of limb replacement. The hype created for 3D printing is not wage and rather, making us wonder foreseeable future.

Earlier, 3D printing was considered as a tool to predict and evaluate the impact of emerging technologies on industries, careers, and lives. Since then, there have been uplifts in the explosion of 3D-printing products and services. See, how the industry had gone too far in the below section.

Growing Ecosystem

With each passing day, more and more people are having an access to 3D printing technology due to hardware clubs growing in cities around the globe. As an example, recently 3D hubs network grew from connecting a couple of hundred 3D-printers to 7000+ in less than a year.

The simple accessibility to the top class 3D modeling and design apps is making it accessible for more and more people to commence on 3D printing in their own neighborhood. In addition to it, more and more 3D printing marketplaces and service centers have been witness everywhere. Entrepreneurs are already betting that a lucrative market will explode in the next few years.

Nevertheless, some of the big players are already considering 3D printing consumer like Amazon’s 3D printing store is already there in US.

Better Materials

Today, approx. 40 manufacturers are selling 3D printers that are most commonly used in businesses and more than 200 companies are in the process of developing consumer-focused 3D printers, in the cost of a few hundred dollars. Also, the materials used for printing technology have increased in the past few years. Companies can now use from different type of wax, plastics, ceramics, to metals such as bronze, silver, gold and platinum.

What if, we can possibly print out food, home amenities, and body parts as we age, 3D printing is pointing out to an interesting future.

From the illustrations above, it is quite clear that the manufacturing plants and companies are going to increase in the coming times. The great transfer of wealth to the East in the past few decades will lower down and the new technology will change how the world functions.